Our methods

Procuriots are a fan of Scrum and within Procurios that’s how we approach every project. Join us and we will gladly show you!


Scrum is the perfect way to get the best possible result within the available time and budget. Here's why: 

  • Scrum helps adding value
    With Scrum you make sure you deliver usable functionalities that actually matter. This allows us to offer better solutions that fit your needs.
  • Scrum is transparent
    The progress remains transparent, so you always know what to expect.
  • Scrum encourages direct customer contact
    We get to know each other better. We’re capable of asking the ‘why’ behind every question and proactively (asked or not) think along. At the same time you make the best use of our knowledge and experience.
  • Scrum decreases risks
    We work in small iterations towards a certain target. This allows us to gather feedback after every iteration and to process it.

Want to know more about how we deploy Scrum? Have a look at our Scrum website.


The source of Scrum is empiricism, which states that knowledge comes from experience and in taking decisions based on what is known


With Scrum we make sure the entire process remains transparent. This makes it understandable for everybody. An example is the Sprint Backlog that is collectively kept. This transparency is essential for the following guidelines.


Regularly inspect if reaching the sprint-goal is at risk. This is a daily task during the Daily Scrum, but also happens during other moments of the sprint.


If the inspection reveals potential risks to the goal or the quality of it, you will need to make adjustments. If deemed necessary we change the priorities on the Sprint Backlog and discuss how roadblock are best taken care of.