About us: The Procuriots behind the all-in-one platform

Your story

Our purpose is to make it easy for you to share your story.

With our Procuriots

Together with our Procuriots you will start discovering what is truly important to achieve your goals.

And the Procurios Platform

Our integrated platform supports your tasks to personally reach your target audience. 

Our values: Procuriots are curious, helping, but above all professionally stubborn.

We make the difference

Procuriots work with great passion in their field of expertise. Every individual is appreciated for his or her own talents. We work hard, but walk on socks, play pool during breaks, celebrate succes and aren't afraid of failure.

We are involved

We are involved in our Procuriots, our environment and our products. As Product Owner, the Customer steers the Procuriots in the right direction during the creation of their product. We're convinced that this mutual engagement is the best ingredient for the finest result. 

We are proactive

We take the initiative by asking the right questions, so that we truly understand you. We visit seminars to update our knowledge and we speak at seminars to share it. Internally we have an academy, lightning talks and a monthly unconference.

We're innovative

“I’ve never done it, so I think I can.” said Pipi Longstockings once. We think in possibilities instead of limitations. We take customer feedback very seriously. Our products are never finished, but constantly under development.

We are professionally stubborn

Don’t expect us to blindly nod whenever you indicate you need something. We ask the 'why' behind every question. Not because we are know-it-alls, but to get the most out of the platform for your organisation or association.

We trust eachother

We don’t have a hierarchical structure with one boss that sits lonely at the top ... No, everybody feels free to make their own decisions at Procurios. We only grow when we listen to each other. And we’re honestly proud of that. Drop by and experience it!

Working at Procurios: What are our offices like? We work hard and we enjoy ourselves!


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