How can you continue to offer your members value in this crisis? By connecting them in your own online community!

  • Totally free due to the corona crisis
  • Online Community or Intranet
  • Including mobile app

How do you stay connected?

Want to keep colleagues updated through an intranet? Or do you bring your members together in a Community?


Inspire others

With the right tools you can inspire everyone to connect again. In one place, safe and personally.


Get to work!

You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll set up everything for free and help you on your way. Start building engagement again!

#QuarantineAndChill: What can you expect from /StayUnited?

Uniting people online has never been this important and this easy!


Your very own interactive platform. The place to be for your members or coworkers where they can communicate safely.

Mobile App

Our Procurios app, equipped with your branding. With your organisation in your pocket it's easy to stay up to date!


An easy way to communicate with colleagues, the board or commisions. Available as a mobile app too.

Community or Intranet

Far away, but so close by! Having a safe place for social interaction has never been this important. Share your knowledge with members or give your colleagues a centralised place to discuss. #TogetherAtHome

  • Accessible from every device
  • Read, post, like and comment
  • Use it as an Intranet, member portal or (micro)blog
  • Face book of the users

Everything you need

Bring individuals with similar interests together in a channel specifically for them. You can configure the Community to fit your needs. That allows everyone to post, like and comment!

  • Personal profiles of the users
  • Home page with all posts
  • Bring structure with groups, channels and rights
  • Search and filter on posts

Procurios app

Your Community in your back pocket! The Procurios app allows users to participate in your Community from their smartphones. Like, comment or share posts with a click of a button! Available on iOS and Android.

  • Post, comment, read or like!
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Access your online Community
  • Stay tuned with Push Notifications

Connect, inform and activate

Bring your audience together in the Community App. Stimulate cooperation and knowledge sharing amongst them. Being important for your audience has never been this easy.

  • Post, comment, read or like!
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Access your Online Community
  • Return to the app

Personalised content in your app

The Communities App offers you a unique possibility to get specific information to a specific part of your audience. Everything is integrated to your Procurios Platform and allows for easy linking and personalisation for your users.

  • Integrated with other products
  • App in your branding
  • Adjustable for all different users
  • Always return to the app

Chat from home with the Procurios Chat

Procurios already uses Mattermost as an online chat tool. This makes your daily communication a lot easier. Even when working from home. Mattermost is open source and is safe and sound on our own servers.

  • In group or individually
  • Online and safe

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And there is more ...

To make sure everything runs smoothly, a number of standard elements from our Procurios Platform will be available for you.

Feature vergelijking
User management To easily manage the users of your Community Aanwezig
Manage pages We make the Community available with several functionalities from the Procurios CMS. That way your Community will have the look and feel of your own organisation! Aanwezig
Mailings Keep everyone up to date with your digital newsletters, equipped with your logo and branding. Aanwezig
Free set up We’ll make sure everything is set up nicely, allowing you to quickly unite again online. Aanwezig
Free to use until at least 30 September 2020 /StayUnited remains free for as long as the crisis takes and until organisations can start functioning the way they used to. Aanwezig

/StayUnited: Request your /StayUnited package for free!

Max. filesize is 1.00 MB.
The contact person will also be the one managing the /StayUnited package.
This email address wil only be used for questions regarding set up and to grant access to the package.
This phone number will only be used to ask questions regarding set up and to understand the desires past 30 September.

Why do we offer this for free?

Jos Jelier at Procurios

We’re specialised in software for associations and charities. With the Corona-measures in place we see many organisations struggle. These difficult times mean we have to help each other. We’re happy to do that by offering these products for free until at least after the summer.

Profielfoto van Jos Jelier
Jos Jelier Founder at Procurios

Rutger Meekers at Procurios België

The impact of Corona is huge and we notice that it's hard for non-profit organisations too. It requires an entire reorganisation, in which we gladly help these organisations. We’re very excited that we can do just that.

Profielfoto van Rutger Meekers
Rutger Meekers Zaakvoerder at Procurios België

Bert Slagter at Procurios

It’s a really strange situation for everyone! We see how difficult it is for organisations to work remotely, so we decided to help out!

Profielfoto van Bert Slagter
Bert Slagter Founder at Procurios

FAQ: Answers to your questions

Will the contract be automatically renewed after 30 September or am I attached to something?

No. We will contact you before 30 September to discuss if you would like to keep using our solutions. If that is the case, we will set up a new appointment. You can cancel for whatever reason. You’re not attached to anything.

Why is a community important?

A community is nothing more than a group of people. A digital community is an online tool on which people can share knowledge and experiences in the form of a message on which you can comment. Within an association this can be a great tool. A community allows you to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences to the fullest. It enhances the collaboration and enforces the team spirit.

For today’s associations a community is invaluable. It is a safe place which allows members to interact with each other and share information and network digitally. 

Will the app be free too?

Yes the corresponding app will be free for the duration of the campaign.

Can the mobile app be adjusted to our branding?

Yes that is possible. The manager of /StayUnited can amidst the settings. As soon as a user logs into the Procurios app, they will see your branding in the app. On the mobile device of the users the app will be called Community. This cannot be changed.

Do I get my own app in the app stores with /StayUnited?

No. You will be using the generic Procurios Communities App. You can configure this to match your branding. As soon as the manager of your /StayUnited adjusts the settings, your users will see the branding you’ve configured once they’ve logged into the app.

Is /StayUnited really totally free?

Yes /StayUnited is really totally free. We even set it up free of charge. helemaal gratis.

Can you send digital newsletters for free with /StayUnited?

Yes, Mailings is a part of /StayUnited. We set up a basic template for your newsletters with your logo. This product and sending newsletters are free of charge too.

Who owns the data on /StayUnited?

Can I take my data if I stop?

Yes, certainly. There are multiple ways to export the data. Of course, this is free of charge. In case you would like to have data which you can’t export, we will gladly help you. Depending on the amount of work that comes with it we will charge you accordingly.

Where is /StayUnited hosted?

/StayUnited is solution of Procurios, a Dutch/Belgian company and is hosted on the Procurios-cluster. This cluster is housed in Dutch datacenters.

How safe is /StayUnited?

/StayUnited is part of the Procurios Platform. We work for organizations with high ambitions. Charities, political parties and interest groups. Safety is crucial for them, so we take security very seriously. Within our cluster, our code, connection and functionality we spend the necessary attention for an optimal security.

/StayUnited is equipped with SSL by default and two factor authentication, just like our mobile app.

Will I get support?

You can always ask questions through our support portal: support.procurios.com. You will also be granted access to our own support community and chat environment.

You can also agree to an additional support contract.

What is an intranet for?

An intranet is a great tool to allow coworkers to communicate. It allows you to share knowledge, opinions or internal guidelines. 

It also works as the perfect place to share ideas and information or as a mugshot corner!

I would like to expand /StayUnited with different products that I see on your website.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll go over the possibilities and work something out.

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Do you want to unite your following with an online community or chat app?

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