Procurioten: Maak kennis met iedereen die Procurios zo geweldig maakt

  • Aster


Enjoy the tour around our Procurios platform!

It is Aster’s passion to help in an honest and transparent way. She loves teamwork as much as she loves improving things!

She is at your service to give you detailed information about Procurios /Fundraising and /Members! She will happily answer all your questions and make you feel comfortably at home in our all-in-one Procurios platform.

Aster had the opportunity to build strong social skills and work efficiently under a heavy workload as a nurse in the emergency room. This prepared her to make a perfect switch to Procurios as a Business Developer.

She loves nature, details and being creative. She plays cello, likes to be in the mountains to snowboard, enjoys walking in the sun, listen to the sound of streams and the endless beauty of falling leaves!

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