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  • James


Putting things to work

With experience in both Sales and Marketing James wants to get a clear insight in the needs and wishes of your organisation.

As an Implementation Consultant he makes sure your solution is up and running in no time, translating your demands into a fully operational system. 
With a targeted approach he enjoys guiding you through the implementation process, whilst making sure your expectations are fully met.

But apart from that he knows his way around a mountain on a snowboard. He’s a bit of a movie buff... Oh! And he’s pretty fast on a motorcycle too!

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10 september 2019

Business development bij Procurios: uitdagingen op de Vlaamse markt

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Implementatie consultant James van het kantoor in Mechelen.

4 september 2019

Implementatie consultant bij Procurios: Elke dag nieuwe oplossingen bedenken

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Team /Fundraising van Procurios zoekt een nieuwe collega interaction designer.

29 augustus 2019

Gezocht: Doorgewinterde interaction designer met ondernemersgeest

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27 augustus 2019

Samenwerken met klant, collega en technologie: werken als interaction designer bij Procurios

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