Release 2023.07

26 juni 2023 5 minuten lezen

In the course of Tuesday June 27th, 2023, all customers on the production version of the Procurios Platform will use release 2023.07. In this blog you can read all about what's new and what has been improved. For more information about the different versions of the platform, please visit the release page.

CMS: a new look

Slowly but surely, every product within the Procurios Platform has been given a new look. CMS was the last larger product to undergo the visual metamorphosis. And that has now happened.

Because CMS is perhaps one of the oldest platform components, at first glance the differences may seem very big. But take another look and you'll see that all the familiar features are still there. CMS just looks fresher and more modern now, making it more visually appealing to users. Nothing has changed on the frontend of your site(s), of course!

The changes at a glance:

  • New design of the tree structure with categories and pages on the left side
  • The central section now focuses more on the content (the articles) of the page
  • Page information such as aliases and the layout used attract less attention
  • The publication status of a page or category on the other hand has been made more visible
  • The button bar at the top has been made clearer, by keeping only the most frequently used buttons directly in view
  • Finally, we fixed some minor bugs and made some improvements

We are convinced that this update contributes to a better user experience.

Nieuw uiterlijk CMS

Subscriptions: Calculate fixed price to use at the start and renewal through price calculation

You can use a price calculation at the start and renewal of subscriptions. Previously, the price of the subscription always changed when the rates changed. However, this was not convenient for customers with a fixed contract, for example. From now on, this can be done differently.

When starting a subscription, you can choose the option 'Calculate the price once when creating the subscription'. This ensures that the calculation is performed immediately and the result is used every time the subscription is renewed.

Eenmalige prijsberekening abonnement

CRM: revoke, restore and delete certificates

Certificates are issued after a positive audit or attendance of a training course, for example. There may also be reasons to revoke a certificate. For example, after a certificate was wrongly created or after the organization in question no longer meets the audit requirements. As of the previous release, it is possible to revoke or, if necessary, restore a certificate.

A user with the role SuperUser can even delete a certificate. To do so, the certificate must first be revoked or expired. A deleted certificate cannot be recovered or restored.

These options may not yet be immediately visible. Please notify your consultant or, if you do not have one, via Support.

Intrekken certificaten

Meeting & Events: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Education (PE) with meetings

Many professionals maintain a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) file and attend training courses or go to training sessions for this purpose. To ensure that the correct information can be delivered for this file and can be made visible at trainings that are in the Procurios Platform, it is possible to use CPD / PE with meetings.

This option is not automatically available but can be set up together with a consultant.

The information about PE / CPD is also directly available through the API.


Meeting & Events: Exporting program items and activities

Before or after a meeting it may be necessary to export participant lists. A 'printout' of participants from a meeting or from a program component or activity. Think, for example, of making a printed checklist. Or, following on from the topic above, to ensure that achieved CPD / PE units can be submitted to external parties.

Exporting participant lists was until now, only possible at the level of a meeting. With this release it is also possible to do this at the level of a program component or activity.

You now have the option to make the export per meeting or activity. If you choose activity, you will be offered extra fields (belonging to program parts and activities) that you can include in the export.

Activities in which someone has participated and activities for which a participant does not have to register are offered in the export per participant.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions and Products with price including VAT

For subscription types, it was necessary to always fill in the price excluding VAT. Now we have made it possible to enter the gross price there as well. For this there is an option 'Price includes VAT' within the product to which the subscription type is linked. The invoices will then automatically calculate the price without VAT.

Paywall: making a post temporarily free

The paywall has gained a new option: 'Paid after x days'. With this you set that reading a post is free for the first period and after how many days it becomes a paid post. This can be set for a weblog, a blog post and the Catalog.

Tijdelijk gratis bericht

Tax Certificate CRM & Import

Currently, it can only be seen inside a batchfile of fiscal attestations if someone has ever received them. Besides not being very practical, not every user role can see this. Therefore, a field has been created that you can put on the relation card that shows a list of issued certificates. You can also generate a PDF document from this list.

It was not yet possible to import historical certificates. An import has been made to be able to read this history. With this import you can only import for previous years and you cannot overwrite already existing tax certificates. Previously imported certificates can be overwritten.

Api documentation converted to updated interface

We have revamped the interface of the Api portal ( The documentation is now clearer and expands with further developments we are doing to better guide users in developing software that talks to our api's.

Tijdelijk gratis bericht

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