UBA and Procurios

A close collaboration with amazing results!


Insight into the preferences of your users

By applying personalised communication, UBA has seen a significant increase of engagement


Tailor made content

Members open more mailings than ever before. That’s because the content is tailored just for them!


200 - 300% more engagement

Not only are members more involved than before, the number of website visitors is higher too!

Twice the engagement on emails

“Because of Procurios our members/visitors receive personalised content, tailored to their interests; both on our website and in mailings. This leads to twice the engagement on emails.” - Grégory Marchandise (Digital Manager - Expert Content Marketing)

  • twice the clicks
  • Personalised content
  • Higher opening rate

Insight into the engagement of members

“Thanks to Procurios we now have an insight into the engagement of our members, allowing us to show them the value of a membership.” - (Kristin Hanon Sales & Loyalty Manager)

  • Engagement
  • Targeted actions
  • Showcase value

An optimal service to our members

“UBA transformed into an agile organisation that works around 12 knowledge domains. In part thanks to our strategic partner Procurios we can offer an optimal service to our members.” - Mia Venken (COO - Expert B2B)

  • Agile organisation
  • 12 knowledge domains
  • One point of focus

Through the roof

The engagement of UBA's audience has improved significantly

Feature vergelijking
Features When using Procurios
Opening rate Number of times a mailing is opened 170%
Click through rate Number of times a receiver clicks on a mailing 200%
Website visits Number of times the UBA website is visited 300%

How does UBA do it?

UBA uses Procurios /Members

CMS app icon


Create and manage multiple websites from our content management system.

CRM app icon


Manage your relations from the beating heart of your platform.

Finance app icon


Everything you need for a complete payment process. Invoicing, create direct debit batches and process your bank transactions.

Library app icon


Save and manage your files.

Mailings app icon


Create personalized mailings and send them to custom selections of your audience.

Meetings & Events app icon

Meetings & Events

Create and manage meetings, send out specific communication to your audience and get a clear insight into visitors.

Memberships app icon


Start, extend, convert and terminate subscriptions.

Platform app icon


Create a safe and secure working environment.

Add-ons (not included as standard)

Communities app icon



Ask questions, share knowledge and discuss. Accessible and direct communication with your target audience.

Donations app icon



Manage all your campaigns, donors and donations.

E-Commerce app icon



Setting up and maintaining a webshop.

Insights app icon



A complete insight into the campaign data stored in your platform.

Mobile app app icon

Mobile app


White label or branded app to use the community everywhere easily and reach people faster through notifications.

Are you building engagement too?

By using Procuiros /Members you get more insights into your members and you trigger more engagement. Discover it now!

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