From 😭 error-prone process to grip on your membership administration 😎

The membership administration is a task that requires care and attention. The membership administration software of Procurios saves you plenty of work, time and effort!

Engage and manage members: What should engagement cost?

You have recruited a new member for your association! Thanks to a pleasant welcome discount, you convinced a doubting candidate. Now the celebration of involvement can really begin. Will the trial subscriber automatically receive a new invoice with direct debit next year? Or is a membership extended because association members respond to a payment invitation? You can easily get it done with Memberships.


Make memberships transparent, from inquiry to invoicing.

Seamless cooperation between products

The membership administration software is part of the same platform as the CRM, Meetings and Communities.

Highlight the advantages

Show the right content to right person and showcase the membership advantages. 

Functionalities and possibilities

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Why Procurios?: 10 reasons to choose membership administration software by Procurios

In your search for smart membership administration software, you've probably already considered several options and vendors. Each package is slightly different, but how do you know whether you're choosing the right one? To help you answer that question, we've listed 10 key benefits of our member administration software.

Feature vergelijking
Features Included by default?
Cloud based Work from anywhere, anyplace in the world with our membership administration software available from the cloud Aanwezig
GDPR compliant Easily comply with the GDPR - all your privacy-sensitive data is stored in the Netherlands Aanwezig
Help & support from the Netherlands and Belgium Our service team is happy to help you Aanwezig
Autonomous platform No third-party dependencies or limitations in functionality.... Aanwezig
Software integrations ...but of course you can use your favorite payment software and other tools Aanwezig
Fully integrated From your membership administration to email marketing: everything uses the same uniform data Aanwezig
Easy and intuitive to use Quickly find your way, simplify your membership administration and get more out of your data Aanwezig
Transparent pricing Always know exactly what your costs are because of our tiered pricing Aanwezig
Monthly improvements and updates We continuously improve our platform so you can do your job even better Aanwezig
Build engagement With our platform, your organization is ready for the future and our EngagementScore Aanwezig
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