The CRM-software for associations, charities and nonprofit organisations

The CRM is the beating heart of every association, charity or federation. Whether you use it to generate income or to increase member involvement. Your CRM should be solid as a rock.

  • CRM for associations, charities and federations
  • Powerful, yet accessible
  • Included in every offer

Functionalities and possibilities

The CRM of your association or charity in the Cloud

With the CRM of your association or charity in the Cloud, the benefits are plenty! Everybody works with the correct same data, all the time, everywhere in the world.

Comply with GDPR

All the personal data you collect, are securely protected in accordance with the law and current guidelines. That way your association or charity if always in compliance with GDPR.

360 degrees

Visualise your system landscape, from contact moments, memberships to invoices.

Get started
Get started

10 reasons to choose for the Procurios CRM platform

You've probably seen hundreds of suppliers on your search for the right CRM software that fits your association or foundation. They're all different, but what really separates them? To help you answer that question, we'll share 10 defining characteristics of Procurios and our Platform!

Feature vergelijking
Features Included as standard?
Cloud based Work from anywhere, whenever you want with our CRM cloud solution Aanwezig
GDPR compliant Be worry free and GDPR compliant - all your data is kept safely in the Netherlands Aanwezig
Help & support from the Netherlands and Belgium Our service team is ready to help you Aanwezig
Our own platform We don't depend on third parties that can limit functionality Aanwezig
Connections Don't worry, you can still connect with other applications, such as your payment service provider Aanwezig
Fully integrated - everything is connected From membership administration to email marketing: everything uses the same data Aanwezig
Easy to use and intuitive Get started in no time and simplify your membership administration or donation management Aanwezig
Transparent pricing You always know exactly what you're facing, there's no catch Aanwezig
Monthly improvements and updates We continuously improve our platform, so that you're always using the very best technology Aanwezig
Build engagement Our CRM prepares you for the future with EngagementScore Aanwezig

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