From dabbling with data to data that works for you

If you want to maintain a good relationship with members, donors or volunteers, you cannot do without a good CRM. Save involvement, personal data and preferences in your own secure Procurios environment.ย 

Careful relationship management: Your relationships matter

Meaningful interaction is indispensable in a world where attention to what really matters is scarce. That's why you need to know how to reach, engage and retain like-minded people. Procurios CRM helps you to really get to know the people behind the data and involve them in your mission. This is how you build long-term relationships.


Find the right people

Gain insight into your relationships based on: communication preferences, contact moments, interests and much more. Looking for relationships that match your search? You can easily find them.


Safe in the European cloud

Your data is stored in the Netherlands, but can be accessed anywhere. The personal data of your relations is stored in a secure environment: you decide with whom you share which data. This way you can ensure privacy and comply with the law (AVG/GDPR).


Bye wandering files

Because our CRM is part of an integral platform, you keep the wandering around of Excel files full of personal data to a minimum. There is one truth when it comes to your relationships: the Procurios CRM.

Explore the features: Functionalities and possibilities

Get started
Get started
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Would you like to know whether Procurios can do something for your association or foundation? Please contact me!

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Why Procurios?: Discover the benefit of integration

When you choose CRM from Procurios, you choose an integrated product. What benefit do you get from that? We would like to summarize this for you:

Feature vergelijking
Features CRM from Procurios
A view for every role Decide for yourself who can see what data: simply assign rights to your colleagues so that they can do their work successfully Aanwezig
Easily add contact moments Have you received an important email that you want to record on the relationship card? You can easily add them with the plugin for Outlook and Gmail Aanwezig
Automatic deduplication Does someone register via your website and does our system recognize the email address or other data? No problem, the deduplication function will clean it up for you Aanwezig
Personal website and member portal thanks to integration Give members, donors and volunteers access to a personal environment, so that they can view and adjust their data, donations and preferences themselves Aanwezig
Help and support from the Netherlands and Belgium Our support team is always there for you Aanwezig
Everything in the cloud Because everything is in the (Dutch) cloud, you can work from anywhere in the world and it is also GDPR-friendly Aanwezig
A little better every month Once every four weeks there is a new release with all updates and improvements Aanwezig
Personalized automatic customer journeys By creating journeys in Marketing Automation you increase the involvement and value of your relationships Add-on product
Links with other parties and single sign on (SSO) Thanks to our extensive API documentation, you can securely connect our open platform with other software Add-on product
Assistance with data migration, setup and maintenance Our implementation consultants are at your disposal Add-on service
Prijs Discover our pricing

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