We build websites for organizations with a mission

A social mission requires the right design for your website. We understand that and ensure that you get a website that exactly matches your goals and ideals.

This is how we work



We investigate how we can achieve the goals of your organization through the website, together.



We make a visual design that matches your corporate identity and activates and engages visitors.



We make a responsive website that allows you to optimally use the Procurios Platform for your mission.

A selection of the websites we have developed

Actions speek lowder than words. Below you will find a small selection of websites that we have recently developed.


Glutenvrij.nl — For the Dutch Celiac Association (NCV) we developed the design from VanDeInhoud into a sleek website with extra protected information especially for NCV members.


NVP — We designed and built a website full of information for the Dutch Association for Foster Families, including finding a foster parent network in the area.


UBA — As a key partner of UBA (United Brands Association), we are continuously developing their multilingual website. We make extensive use of the taxonomy and personalization options that the Procurios Platform has to offer.


WFA — We built a knowledge portal for the World Federation of Advertisers with protected content, events, vacancies and much more. Designed by Lonsdale


VBT — We designed and built a website for the Flemish Professional Association of Dentists with protected member information and the possibility to register for events.

Grégory Marchandise at UBA

Procurios zorgt er voor dat onze leden content op maat van hun interesses ontvangen; zowel via de website als in mailings. Dit leidt tot een verdubbeling van engagement op emails

Profielfoto van Grégory Marchandise
Grégory Marchandise Digital Manager - Expert Content Marketing at UBA

Jan Willem Janse at MissieNederland

We ontvangen veel meer donaties via de website dan voorheen, mede doordat het proces van doneren beter is ingericht

Profielfoto van Jan Willem Janse
Jan Willem Janse Relatiemanager Kerk & Media at MissieNederland

Dirk de Man at ZORG.tech

Procurios ontwikkelde voor ons een geheel nieuwe catchy website die door zowel medewerkers als onze leden zeer gesmaakt wordt

Profielfoto van Dirk de Man
Dirk de Man Secretaris at ZORG.tech

Parkinson Vereniging — The website that we designed and built for the Parkinson's Association not only contains a lot of knowledge and information, but also ensures real connection through the integrated online Community, Parkinson Cafés and various meetings.

GezondSporten Vlaanderen

Gezond Sporten — For Gezond Sporten (Healthy Sports) we built the website designed by Studio Dott. A website full of information where you can find experts who are listed directly from the CRM on the website. They can update this information themselves from the website.

Museum Dorestad

Museum Dorestad — We designed and built a new website for this historic museum in Wijk bij Duurstede, which leans on a CRM for donors, volunteers and newsletter readers.


Wandelnet — The place for hikers in the Netherlands with more than 1000 volunteers. We designed and built the website full of walking routes (linked with Routemaker.nl), blogs and a webshop.

Our approach and promise

With your website on the Procurios Platform you have a reliable basis with extensive insights into what visitors do and what they find important. Whether you let us carry out the entire design, or just the realization: your mission gets a major boost with a Procurios website.


Why does your organization exist? And what is your view of the world? Together we investigate how the answers to these questions are presented on your website. We then link this identity to the goals and mission of your organization. Based on this, we make a functional design. Think of the navigation structure, but also what the story and purpose of each page is. We process this in a wireframe (schematic structure) for the website.


With your corporate identity in mind, we create a fresh and modern design that suits your organization. This is more than just coloring a wireframe: this is where your story comes to life. We put the right visual accents to help visitors, members and donors navigate on your website. Because our designers also understand the technology, we immediately take into account what is easy and what is difficult to realize. In this way we ensure that our promises are realistic and that your expectations are clear.


When there is a clear design that you are happy with, we can start with the realization of your website. Every website is built in such a way that it is optimized for phones, tablets and desktop computers. You can then (together with your consultant) further complete the website in the CMS of your Procurios Platform.


Do you already have a website on the Procurios Platform? Then it may have been a while since you have actively worked on it. In the meantime, new trends, new techniques and above all higher expectations of your visitors have emerged. For example, is your website not yet responsive? Or not yet prepared for the latest high-resolution screens? Can we optimize the speed, or does your story just no longer fit in your current website? Whether it requires a few large or small adjustments, we are happy to help you discover what is possible.

Corporate Identity

A good corporate identity is the foundation of every good website. Based on a house style guide, your communication will be streamlined and your image and identity will become the core of your website. There are plenty of logos and colors that you easily remember and that is no coincidence! Organizations provide a strong house style guide that they use in all their communication (online and offline). We ensure that your house style fits perfectly with the content and message of your website.

It's time for a website at Procurios

Would you like to know what the possibilities are to have a website developed by Procurios? We would be happy to discuss what we can do for you, no strings attached. Even if you don't know what the next step is yet, we are happy to help you on your way.

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