From doubter to fan

Take (potential) members and donors on a journey with the help of Marketing Automation. Turn doubters into fans, make strangers feel at home with you and build long-term commitment.

Take your relations on a journey

Choose your target group and map out the journey they will make. What option do you offer them after registering for the newsletter or requesting a brochure? By setting up personal journeys, your relations are automatically given the next step to become further involved with your charity or association.

A selection of the features: This is how Marketing Automation works

With Marketing Automation from Procurios you build journeys that closely match the needs and preferences of your target group. This makes your fundraising or member retention a lot easier!

Marketing automation van Procurios - Triggers - 2024.png

Trigger alert! Fortunately, triggers can also be very positive. Registrations on your website, profile changes or donations immediately send a message: start a journey!

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Who gets which email? With the extensive filter options you ensure that your emails match the situation of your members and donors.

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Do you mainly reach your members on working days? Or are your emails better read at the weekend? Should Sunday be excluded? You determine the time window yourself.

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Activate the journey, have a cup of coffee and watch the involvement of members and donors increase.

What you can do with Marketing Automation: Step by step towards more engagement


For social organizations

Encourage greater involvement and focus on new members and donors


Data-driven but still personal

Our platform works for you, you bring the personal touch


Safe in the European cloud

Your data is stored in the Netherlands, but can be accessed anywhere.

Why Procurios?: Discover the benefit of integration

When you choose Marketing Automation from Procurios, you choose an integrated product. What benefit do you get from that? We would like to summarize this for you:

Feature vergelijking
Features Marketing Automation from Procurios
Customized emails thanks to full integration with our CRM Filter the right relations, address them personally thanks to field codes and add conditional content Aanwezig
Intuitive email builder with templates in your corporate identity Prepare your templates using the Template Generator and start building Aanwezig
Integrated with your own website or special campaign website(s) Automatically load content from your weblog, meeting or community and avoid duplication of work Aanwezig
Easily comply with regulations Easily set who can and cannot receive email, so you can comply with communications and privacy legislation (GDPR) in the Netherlands and Belgium Aanwezig
Measuring the effects of a journey Which links in your emails work well? How often are they opened? And did this step in a journey lead to a donation or registration? Aanwezig
Help and support from the Netherlands and Belgium Our support team is always there for you Aanwezig
A little better every month Once every four weeks there is a new release with all updates and improvements Aanwezig
Dashboards with campaign results Get even better insight into the results of your fundraising actions with Insights Add-on
Measuring and valuing relationship commitment Rate the behavior of your members and donors with EngagementScore and create journeys based on the level of engagement Add-on
Consultants and designers at your disposal Our implementation consultants and interaction designers will help to set you up for success Add-on

Is it something for you?

Take the next step in your journey of discovery. Request a free demo for your organization or contact one of our colleagues in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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