The Procurios Platform is constantly being optimised technically and functionally

Every four weeks your solution is updated to the latest stable version of the Procurios Platform. You won’t have to do anything and you’re always up to date!

Two versions

The Procurios Platform runs on two versions:

  • The development version is the version where we develop new functionalities. This version is updated constantly and features can be changed without notice. If we are building something specifically for you, this is the version you will be using, to be sure we are using the latest version of our technology.
  • The product version is the version of our platform on which (almost) all our customers are. This version is updated only every four weeks and you will be notified of what will change.

Release proces

One week before the release we create a ‘freeze version' of the Procurios Platform. In this version only bugs are fixed, no new features are added. This will become the new release.

Shortly after this version is created we share what will be included in the new release. You can view these changes in the release notes below or in our newsletter.

On Tuesday we release the new production version to all of our customers. All the information remains available of course. You won’t have to do anything and you’re always up to date!

Release notes: The latest and previous releases

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