Procurios Platform extension

With this extension you work quickly and efficiently with your Procurios Platform. Do you want to quickly change a blog post or form on your website? The extension is always visible in your browser and will take you to the right place in your Procurios Platform.

  • Save your e-mails as contact moments from Gmail
  • Go directly to the correct page or blog post in your CMS
  • Quickly and easily to your Procurios Platform

Create contact moments from Gmail

Have you just sent or received an important e-mail that you would like to share with your colleagues? With the Procurios Platform extension you save the e-mail as contact moment in your CRM with the press of a button. This way, your e-mail is immediately saved at the correct relation.

Screenshot of where contact moments are placed in the Gmail interface

Make quick and easy changes to your website

Found a typo in a news item? Or do you want to make an improvement to your website? By pressing the Procurios Platform extension you will go directly to the correct page in your platform. Whether it is meetings, blog posts or forms.

Screenshots of the Procurios Platform extension in use

Linked to your platform

Do you use Chrome, Edge or Firefox? Link the Procurios Platform extension to your platform safely and quickly. That way you always have a link to your platform and you can start using it immediately.

Screenshot of linking the Procurios Platform extension to an implementation

Install the Procurios Platform extension

Do you want to get started with this browser extension? Click on the button that belongs to your browser, add the extension to your browser, link it to your Procurios Platform and you can use it immediately. Need help? View the detailed explanation in our Help Center.