UBA Trends Day 2020

Let us take you on the journey that led us to a great online Trends Day 2020!

  • Procurios platform
  • Close collaboration
  • Guaranteed success

Strategic approach

Strategy and vision are essential before you start. That's why we started with the question 'why?'. Why do you visit a physical event? Why does it meet your expectations and why doesn't it sometimes? Video is a logical route, but how do you bring something innovative to online networking? Based on this very question, we wrote down our own vision. UBA was impressed from the get to!

  • Inspiring video content
  • An amazing experience
  • Networking with peers
  • Visitor experience
  • Pre, during and post event journey

The design

But what should such an online event look like? Organisations keep trying time after time to copy their offline vent into a digital environment. Often in a simple Zoom call, which just lacks the experience a visitor is looking for. With attention to detail, our strategy in mind and strong future perspective we created a design that represented the DNA of UBA.

  • UBA's DNA
  • Modern, tight and functional
  • Chat with peers
  • Mobile friendly
  • Visibility for partners
  • Visibility for speakers
  • Picture-in-picture video

A tangible result

DDMC, the trusted event partner of UBA, created an amazing virtual studio. Together with them and video partner ASP and UBA, we sat around the table to talk through the technical possibilities. Procurios started with developing the platform that would become the virtual Trends Day. With several innovative functionalities such as one-on-one chat, interactive polling and Call To Actions, we've created something unique in Belgium.

  • Technical excellence
  • Reliable, stable platform
  • Chat function
  • Call To Actions in livestream
  • One-to-one chat based on interesest
  • Picture-in-picture video
  • UBA's very own Netflix

To perfection

"But how can we make it better?". Good isn't always great, so we kept looking for areas to improve upon. Everything had to be perfect, from the stability of our platform, to design changes and new, innovative functionalities. Additionally, we introduced a 'Contingency Plan' that clearly stated what should happen in case of an emergency. And thus, with several days to go, the Trends Day 2020 was ready for take-off. UBA (and Procurios, DDMC and ASP!) could finally relax, sit back and look forward to that magical moment on September 17th!

  • Contingency Plan
  • Stress Test
  • Support team stand-by
  • Thorough analysis
  • Strong collaboration and coordination
  • Thinking together with UBA

Are you planning your own online event?

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Only positives!: The result?

Chris van Roey at UBA

What Procurios delivered here has never been seen on the Belgian market. It's not only innovative, but also reliable. Our Trends Day was, even in these difficult times, still a great event. So great even, we're already planning a hybrid version for next year; online and offline!

Profielfoto van Chris van Roey
Chris van Roey CEO at UBA

Stefan Ponnet at DDMC

It was a real succes! Procurios was the perfect partner to create this event. A stable platform is essential for an online event and they truly didn't disappoint.

Profielfoto van Stefan Ponnet
Stefan Ponnet Managing Partner at DDMC

Rutger Meekers at Procurios Belgium

This event shows what we're good at: thinking out of the box and supporting our customer to fullest with technology. It was a true challenge to deliver this on such short notice, but we're proud of the result that we've delivered.

Profielfoto van Rutger Meekers
Rutger Meekers Managing Director at Procurios Belgium

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