Procurios developed a completely new, catchy website that is appreciated by both our colleagues and our members.

Dirk De Man Secretary at ZORG.tech


A personal and efficient way to communicate with our members!


Strategic guidance

Procurios guides ZORG.tech for the processes of their new website. Transparant and to-the-point!


Significant improvement

By using a personal and efficient approach in our communication, we see a significant improvement for the organisation. 


More activities

Going from one activity per moth to three or four. Simply becaue of the userfriendlyness and possibilities of Procurios.

Very appreciated website

"Procurios developed a completely new, catchy website that is appreciated by both our colleagues and members." - Dirk De Man (Secretary)

  • Involvement
  • Significant improvement
  • Stable partner

Improved cashflow

"Before we started working with Procurios, it took us more than a year to invoicing our yearly congress. Procurios makes it possible for us to have a strongly improved cashflow." - Karin Donders (Clerk)

  • Fluent invoicing
  • Streamlined processes
  • Clear overview

Members love the Forum

"The Forum (Community) is something our members really love and use. Our member encourage each other to use it. If you want to keep up with today's trends, you need to use a Platform like this." - Dirk De Man (Secretary)

  • Mobiele app
  • Online Community
  • Efficiënte communicatie

Dirk De Man's thoughts on /Members (Dutch)

How does ZORG.tech do it?

ZORG.tech uses /Members!

Add-ons (not included as standard)

E-commerce app icon



Sell ​​products via an online store (webshop)

WHITE-LABEL VS. BRANDED: And ZORG.tech uses our mobile app!

Procurios offers two different versions of them mobile app: a white-labelled and a branded version. The differences?

Feature vergelijking
Features White-label Branded
Homescreen Personalize your homescreen Aanwezig Aanwezig
Community Access your online community from anywhere! Aanwezig Aanwezig
Notifications Receive push notifications. Aanwezig Aanwezig
Find the app under your own organization name In both the Apple Store and Google Play store, users can find the app under your own organization name. Niet aanwezig Aanwezig
Your logo as app icon The app icon on your phone is adjustable to your own logo. Niet aanwezig Aanwezig
Move the app to another developer Just in case you want to move in future ... Niet aanwezig Aanwezig

Are you building engagement too?

By using Procuiros /Members you get more insights into your members and you trigger more engagement. Discover it now!

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