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FAQ: Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about our pricing

What's included in the startup costs?

Within the start-up costs we will create your personal platform. Next, you will work with one of our consultants on the design of your Platform. The involvement of Procurios' expertise depends on your own time and skills and the complexity of the your implementation. Make sure to get in touch so we can discuss this in detail.

How much time does it take to set up the customer environment?

Together we look at the quickest way to get your Platform up and running. Based on the degree of complexity, we make a realistic planning.

I already have a website. Is that a problem?

The strength of our Platform is its integration. All apps work together and this includes our CMS in which you manage the website. Our advice is therefore to move the website to Procurios (eventually).

However, maintaining your current website is certainly possible. By placing bits of code on your current site, we ensure that registrations and donations, for example, are directly routed to your new platform.

What counts as a relation?

Every person, company or organization in your CRM is a relationship. Whether they are users of the platform, debtors, donors, subscribers, contacts or people who have signed up for the newsletter or have a profile on the website. All of our solutions ensure that you have as few duplicate relationships as possible in your system and that the information of all your relationships is in one place.

I already have relationships and donations. How do they get into this system?

With our import capabilities, it is easy to import relationships and/or donations. Many of our customers will do this themselves, no one knows better than you what data you want to import into our platform. Our consultants will gladly guide you through this process.

If I have one more relation than fits in the plan, do I immediately move on to the next plan?

No, that doesn't happen automatically. Every quarter, we calculate the average number of relationships for the previous three months and send you a corrective invoice for the prepaid amount. This may mean that you either have to pay something extra or get something back from us.

Have you just crossed the threshold of a price tier? Then you can use our deduplication module to quickly find duplicate relations in your CRM and merge them together. If you keep track of this properly, you can be sure that you only pay for the relations that you find valuable.

I am still doubting whether the system suits my organization, where can I find more information?

You can plan a (customized) demo or visit our products overview page. We show how our solutions work and we tell more about our approach. A demo is completely free of obligations and you have every opportunity to ask questions. Want to know how other customers work with our platform? Then read our customer stories.

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