Procuriots: Meet our great team

  • James


Putting things to work

With experience in both Sales and Marketing James wants to get a clear insight in the needs and wishes of your organisation.

As an Implementation Consultant he makes sure your solution is up and running in no time, translating your demands into a fully operational system. 
With a targeted approach he enjoys guiding you through the implementation process, whilst making sure your expectations are fully met.

But apart from that he knows his way around a mountain on a snowboard. He’s a bit of a movie buff... Oh! And he’s pretty fast on a motorcycle too!

Our values: What makes these people special?

We make a difference

At Procurios we work with the same great passion for the craft. Every individual is appreciated for their own talents. We work hard, but also walk around on our socks, play pool during lunch time, celebrate successess and learn from our mistakes.

We're involved

We're involved with our team, our environment and our products. Customers often steer their product as Product Owner. We're conviced shtat mutual involvement and respect creates the best final result.

We're entrepreneurial

We take initiave to fix what's broken and help you understand. We visit seminars to keep our knowledge up to date and we talk at them too. Our internal academy, lightning talks, monthly unconfernece and occasional pizza meeting allows to share our knowledge internally.

We're innovative

‘I think I can do it, because I've never done it before.' This Pippi-Longstocking mentality is familiar to us. We think in possibilities instead of restrictions. We take customer feedback seriously. Our products are never finished, but constantly under improvement.

We're professionally stubborn

Don't expect us to knod yes when we disagree. We question your choices, not because we know everything better, but because we want to help you make the right decision and use our platform to the best of it's abilities. 

We trust each other

We're not your classical hierarchical company where one big boss calls the shots. No, everybody's free to take their own decisions. Only through openness and by listening to each other can we grow. And we're proud of that. Stop by and discover it yourself!

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