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This is Procurios

We help organizations with a social purpose create a strong and lasting connection with their target audiences. That's our mission, and every day, we work hard to assist our clients in achieving their mission. We do this with over 40 Procuriots in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our goal is to make an impact, whether it's big or small, and to contribute to a better world, even if everyone has a slightly different idea of what that looks like.

We believe that attention to what truly matters in the world is scarce. Meaningful connections are therefore essential. Associations, charities, foundations, and other non-profits are uniquely capable of creating those connections. Our open online software platform provides them with the tools to make a difference. In this way, we use our knowledge and technology to help the impact of organizations with a social mission grow every day.


Founded in 2001

We've been developing the Procurios Platform since 2001. Today, it's a fully grown, fully fledged stable platform with thousands of daily users and home to millions of relations.


The Netherlands and Belgium

We have our headquarters in the Netherlands and have an additional office in Belgium from which we serve the Benelux market and beyond.


Associations and fundraisers

The Procurios Platform has been specifically developed for associations and fundraising organisations. Each and every day we offer non-profits a software solution that was tailor made for them.

Office in The Netherlands

Procurios B.V.
Fortweg 9
3992 LX Houten

+31 343  59 60 40
KvK: 27179396

Office in Belgium

Procurios BVBA
Hendrik Consciencestraat 5, bus 0302
2800 Mechelen

+32 3 237 41 45
BTW: BE0879.511.074

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