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Inge Pauwels at Solidagro

We now work faster and more efficiently. We raise more funds and we can address our donors in a more targeted way. We experience many benefits with the Procurios platform.

Profielfoto van Inge Pauwels
Inge Pauwels educational employee at Solidagro

Cleo de Graaf at IVN

You have the member information that you are looking for at the push of a button. We now do work that took us 2 months to complete in half a day. We save a lot of time and make much fewer mistakes.

Profielfoto van Cleo de Graaf
Cleo de Graaf database project employee at IVN

Paul Kleingeld at CPS

This is the best system we have ever had. It is very flexible and easy to work with yourself. Furthermore, the people at Procurios are very approachable and accessible.

Profielfoto van Paul Kleingeld
Paul Kleingeld webmaster at CPS