Release 2020.04

26 March 2020 4 minute read

As of Wednesday April 1st 2020 all customers of our Procurios Platform will use release 2020.04. In this blog you can find an overview of the changes. Would you like to read more about our release process? Have a look on our release page.

CMS: Cookie opt-in for entire Europe

Recently a case law was published regarding the market standard for performing a cookie policy which is not in accordance with the law. In the upcoming releases, we will make the necessary changes to be more in accordance with these laws. A first change is making sure that every visitor from a European country has an opt-in policy for placing cookies. 

That means that no cookies will be placed without the user’s consent. With exception for visitors from the Netherlands this also relates to analytic cookies (such as Google Analytics). Tracking in Google Analytics will therefore only start after a visitor has accepted the cookies (opt-in).
Be aware: Are you using Google Tag Manager? In that case it is vital to set it up correctly. More information can be found here.

Meeting & Events: QR codes for meetings

We happily introduce the first version of QR code support for meetings. 

Employees can scan a QR at an event, in which case they can easily see additional information for the visitor. These details can include a name and chosen ticket. 

In the configuration of Meeting & Events we’ve created a template for the QR code. The tokens that are included will be replaced by actual data from the visitor and the chosen ticket type.

The QR code can then be included in several mails within Meeting & Events.

This functionality will receive additional development in the future.


CMS: Improvements to our search engine result in more accurate results

Our search engine now applies back tracing to the word stem and will even more diacritical marks be ignored.

How do we trace back to the word stem

This means going back to the word stem of a verb form. E.g. cycling, cycled and cycles be traced back to the word stem ‘cycle’. This makes sure that you also find ‘cycling’ when searching for ‘cycle’. Although it is an improvement for many verbs, the algorithms don’t work with strong verbs (in Dutch ‘liep’ won’t become ‘loop’) or with context.

The languages for which this applies are: Arabic, Armanian, Baskian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch. English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Nepali, Norse, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil and Turkish. 

Diacritic marks

When looking for words like ‘enquete’ you also want to find the word ‘enquête’ and vice versa. In order to make this happen we replace all these diacritical marks by their ‘standard’ form for searching and when making the index. We already did that in part, but we’ve now expanded the set of marks. We basically replace all special marks by their standard variant.


CMS: Direct link to weblog posts in an editor

It is possible to link directly to another weblog. The messages are approachable through the browse function in the dialogue window to create hyperlinks. After choosing the post, the link will be built automatically.


Community: Mark posts as read

It is possible to mark posts as ‘read’, without having to actually read it. We’ve enabled this option per channel. Apart from that, we’ve made improvements to the time line menu.


Weblog: AND/ OR filter for weblog

When creating a filter in the weblog it was an ‘OR’-filter. All messages that have at lease one of the chosen criteria will be shown. With this release we introduce the possibility of showing all messages that meet all the chosen criteria by using an ‘AND’-filter.weblog+filter.png

Other impovements:

  • CRM: Expanding export contact moment: The export of contact moments are expanded with the two next columns: Content (stripped); Labels
  • CRM: Adjustments to text for button under functions: On the relation card in the CRM there was a button with the text ‘Search in this list’ on the tab ‘Functions’. We’ve changed the text to ‘Show in relation list’.

  • Improvements and preparations for optimizing the foundation of our platform: These changes aren’t immediately visible, but will contribute in a short term to the stability and reliability of our platform.


Do you have any questions about new functionalities or improvement? Contact our service team. Even when you’re not sure what version your platform runs

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