Release 2021.12

10 November 2021 3 minute read

In the course of Wednesday, November 10, 2021, all customers on the production version of the Procurios Platform will use release 2021.12. In this blog you can read what's new and what has been improved. For more information about the different versions of the platform, please visit the release page.

Finance: merge debit (reversal) transactions

You can download (export) a file with bank transactions (enriched with accounting information, such as general ledger accounts) from Procurios to import them into your accounting.

Unlike payments, reversals of direct debit orders were not merged in this export until now. Depending on the number of direct debits, this could lead to a lot of manual work in the accounting system. Therefore, from now on, debit transactions will be merged in the download where possible. As a result, reversals are no longer registered as separate items in your accounting package, but merged in the same way as payments.

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Finance: new version of the invoice import

Importing invoices (usually at the time of a data migration) offered the option of importing a single invoice line. In most cases this will be sufficient, in some cases it is not. An invoice sometimes consists of several invoice lines.

As of this release, it is possible to import multiple invoice lines on one invoice. A number of checks have been built in. The most important one is whether the total amount of the combined invoice lines corresponds to the total amount of the invoice itself.

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Mailings,CMS & EngagementScore: minor improvements

With this release, some minor changes have been made to make the platform more user-friendly. Some of these changes are based on the feedback we received during the release webinar of the previous release.

Mailings template generator
In the mailings template generator, which is described in the previous release notes, you can place the urls of images from Library. This was prone to some errors. The url's are now made correct in most cases, so the image will be placed correctly in the mailing template.

Library link
How do you find the Library links to images to use in the mailings template generator?

In many places where you can select an image in the Procurios Platform, you do not need to know the url. In some cases, such as mail templates, it is useful or necessary to know the url. Therefore, in Library, under the preview of the document, you now find the link (without the domain name of your platform) which you can use. Clicking on the preview will open a new tab, so you will find the url there as well.

Date and time pickers
The Procurios Platform has its own date and time picker. These have received an update, so they are easier to use. In the date picker, for example, it is now easier to choose a date of birth. The month can now be selected from a drop-down menu and the years which you can choose from go further back into the past.

The operation of the time picker is now more self-explanatory. A simple drop-down menu allows you to select hours and minutes. Furthermore, the pickers are easier to close and have had a visual update.

EngagementScore: New Icons
EngagementScore has two icons which have been updated to better match the functionality.

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