Release 2024.04

2 April 2024 6 minute read

On the 2nd of April 2024, all customers on the production version of the Procurios Platform will use release 2024.04. In this blog you can read all about what's new and what has been improved. For more information about the different versions of the platform, please visit the release page.

CMS: Google Tag Manager in combination with the latest version of Consent Mode

If you use a website through Procurios, you may want to collect data so that you can analyze how that website is used by visitors. This data could already be recorded using a link with Google Tag Manager.

A visitor must give permission for the collection of this data (cookies). This permission is requested and recorded via Google's Consent Mode. From this release onwards, the most recent version of this Consent Mode will be used to determine which data is recorded in Google Tag Manager. This means that your website also complies with the latest guidelines and you do not collect more data than the user has given permission for.

CRM: additional icons available for relation types

Within the Procurios Platform you can use different relation types, such as person, company or non-profit organization. With the help of icons you can increase the recognisability of these relation types. Following an earlier update to the icons in our platform, some customers submitted a number of wishes for additional icons. In this release, additional icons have been added within the CRM folder of the icon library. This makes it possible, for example, to give funds, schools/universities, media and governments a matching icon.


CRM: limit content of a relation view based on donations and pledges

Do a (group of) user(s) in your CRM only have permissions to see relations that donate to a specific fund or campaign? Does your fundraiser want a relation card with specific information about relations that donate larger amounts? This month's release brings new possibilities for these situations. From now on it is possible to also Limit contents on a Relation view based on donation behavior. Additionally, you can filter by Donations and Pledges in the Display settings in the CRM.

A View within the CRM is, as it were, a specific lens through which you view your relations. Those glasses are the context of the type of work someone is doing at a given time. These glasses determine what Views can best look like, but also which relations a user may or may not want to see. By expanding the filter options, it is possible to customize this even more.

EN - Toezegging

CRM: upper and lower case in relation import and MailMerge

In the Import Relations (CRM) and MailMerge modules you can automatically improve the data to be processed. For example, by correcting upper and lower case letters. If you were to import the relation Rembrandt van Rijn, but 'rijn' is in lower case in your import file, you can have this automatically corrected to 'Rijn'.

However, this did not happen the other way around: 'RIJN' was not corrected to 'Rijn'. This will happen from this release, because you would expect this if you choose this option.
Please note: this also means that the name 'Rijn - Uylenburgh' also changes to 'Rijn - uylenburgh' when you use this option.

Special letters, such as ç, are also now corrected to Ç. This has made the option 'unicode-proof', as it is called.

Donations/Insights: filter by Administration

If your organization has more than one accounting system, you probably have set up more than one administration within the Procurios Platform. This is necessary for the administrative separation of pledges and donations. In order to report on this properly, this release makes it possible to filter on administrations in: (1) overview lists of donations, pledges and pre-notifications in Donations and (2) fundraising widgets on the Dashboard in Insights. You no longer have to filter on, for example, all funds within an administration (the existing workaround), but can use a filter directly on the administration itself.

Donations: filter on administration

Finance: grouping order lines and providing descriptions of order line groups

You have sold various sponsorship packages for your annual conference. You neatly include the various components in these packages on the invoice for your sponsor. But you soon notice: the invoice lacks clarity. What exactly are the different order lines on the invoice about? From now on it is possible to add 'order line groups' when creating an invoice order. You can also add a clear description above each group of order lines. This means that the recipient of the invoice knows exactly what the relevant order lines entail, thereby increasing the chance that your invoice will be paid quickly.

Finance: grouping order lines and providing a description

Meetings & Events: additional customization options for tab titles

The various tabs that you see on a meeting detail page have standard texts, such as 'About', 'Program' and 'Register'. You can change these to a alternate title if desired. However, the alternate title for 'Register' did not yet take into account that the title of the tab changes after registration. After registration the tab 'Register' normally changes into 'My Registration', but if you used an alternate title for 'Register', the alternate title was still shown after registration, where 'My Registration' normally would be. From now on you can separately adjust the title for 'My registration' as desired.

Pas titels van pagina's aan in Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events: various changes to form fields for additional information

Do you ever request additional information in the registration form for a meeting, such as dietary requirements? Then you use the form for '' within Meetings. Starting with this release, creating form fields for this type of form has been simplified. The way in which you build fields with multiple options is identical to the way they work in other places in the platform (such as relation and survey fields). This means you no longer have to provide 'coding' for the different options.

There is even more good news for customers with multilingual websites. All form fields for Additional Information are now also translatable.

EN - Bijeenkomsten

EN - Bijeenkomsten 2

Platform: adjustment of temporary blockage after multiple incorrect login attempts

In the previous release we made an adjustment to our way of combating so-called 'brute force attacks'. Usernames (usually email addresses) that were used to log in multiple times with an incorrect password were temporarily blocked. The duration of the block increased the more times the attempt was made. To remove the blockage, the user had to wait or the blockage had to be lifted by our support department. The increased blockage duration proves to be too much of a hindrance for real users who have forgotten their password. In this release we have once again adjusted the blocking method so that real users experience less problems and can quickly log in to their own account again without assistance. From now on, users will experience a five-minute delay after every five attempts. For brute force this is a sufficient discouragement and if a normal user reaches five attempts, he can then continue without being immediately delayed again.

EN - Wachtwoord

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