Release 2024.07

25 June 2024 7 minute read

As of June 25, 2024, all customers on the production version of the Procurios Platform will use release 2024.07. In this blog you can read what is new and what has been improved. For more information about the different versions of the platform, see the release page.

CMS: more options for the appearance of menus

If you really want to help your website visitors navigate through everything your association or charity has to offer, naturally you want the main menu to contribute to a good overview. For this purpose, we have added a number of new options to the CMS. For example, it is possible to add a picture or icon to a menu item and you can now also add subtitles to a menu item. By adding so-called CSS classes (a type of design setting), you can also ensure that a certain menu item is displayed differently, for example in the form of a button. These new options have been enabled for all templates that support this. Do you want to give your website menu an upgrade? Contact your account manager to discuss whether these new design options can also be applied to your website.

Screenshot of the new possibilities to style the main menu in the CMS

CMS and Mailings: easier colour entry

In various places in our platform you can enter the so-called ‘hex code’ of a colour: 6 characters that indicate exactly which colour you mean. For example in the CMS and in Mailings. The colour codes you use for this are often in a corporate identity manual or a design system (such as Zero Height). Since you don’t learn every colour code by heart or type it out, you probably use the copy-and-paste option. This sometimes goes wrong, because the input field can have a maximum of 6 characters (all letters and numbers after the #). Quite annoying. That is why from now on we simply cut off the ‘#’ when you paste it into an input field for a colour code. That saves frustration!

CMS: allow subdomains without www.

You often use a subdomain as a replacement for ‘www’. For example, the website refers to your public website and to a website for employees. In the past, it was also possible to have www placed before that subdomain ( In some cases this is desirable, but not always. That is why you can now explicitly indicate how you deal with the use of www.

A screenshot of the settings to allow subdomains without www

CRM: modification rules per view in the CRM

You can set 'predefined values' for a registration form. This ensures that certain fields are immediately set to a certain status when someone registers via this form. For example, you can ensure that when the relation is created, a certain checkbox is automatically checked. That checkbox can then ensure that the relation appears in a specific relation list. This concept is now also available within the CRM itself under the name: modification rules. You can find these rules in the settings for Views with the star icon.

Rules for new relations

You can set modification rules per view to immediately give a relation that you create within a view certain values. For example, you can ensure that newly created relations are immediately available within certain relation lists and for users of a certain view. For example, if you add the relation within a 'Newsletter recipients' view, you can have the checkbox for the newsletter checked automatically.

Buttons on the relation card

You can also use modification rules after creating a relation. Namely by adding display-specific buttons to the relation card. Within the display 'newsletter recipients' you would have the checkbox immediately unchecked with 1 button 'Unsubscribe from newsletter'. This will remove the relation from the display and (of course depending on your selection) stop sending the newsletter.

A screenshot of the customization rule settings

E-Commerce: shipping costs and VAT

In accordance with the rules, the VAT on shipping costs in our webshop is calculated based on the product with the highest VAT percentage in the shopping cart. If someone orders a product with 9% VAT and a product with 21% VAT, the VAT on the shipping costs will also be 21%.

However, some webshops prefer to use a standard price for shipping. That is why you can now indicate when setting shipping costs that you do this including VAT.

A screenshot of the settings for shipping costs

Finance: configure your own accounting exports, ready-made exports for Exact Online and Twinfield

Within Finance, you ensure the link between your accounting and all data about the financial relationship you have with your supporters. For this purpose, you can use exports per period (journal bookings).

We have now created two standard configurations for exports to accounting programs: Exact Online and Twinfield. You can now download a monthly journal booking for these two programs. There is also the option to configure an export yourself. If you would like to get started with this, consult with your accountant and your consultant at Procurios.

A screenshot of composing your own accounting export

Finance: accounting in the main menu of Finance

To ensure that you or your colleagues no longer perform any actions within a period that you have closed in your accounting, you can lock these periods. Until now, you could find this option to lock a period within the settings menu of Finance. As of this release, the location of this has been moved to the main menu of Finance with the title: Accounting. Settings for the various administrations, such as how the journal exports should look and, for example, general ledger accounts for 'debtors' and 'payment differences', can still be found under the administration settings.

Finance: better suggestions for transaction processing

When you process bank transactions in Finance, the system tries to make a suggestion for linking a relation to the transaction. This was done, for example, based on a known bank account number on the relation card. From now on, bank account numbers that are linked to a direct debit are also included.

Memberships: new interface for subscriptions

Renew and invoice per administration, filter as you are used to elsewhere and all information of all subscriptions per category at a glance. It is possible thanks to the new interface for subscriptions.

Classification per administration

Although the change will be visible to all users of the Memberships product, it mainly changes when you use multiple administrations. For example, you can now find the settings for price calculations, rules and subscription types via the gear wheel that you see next to the title and image of the administration (as you may already be used to with the Finance product). This allows you to ensure that an overview is guaranteed and that the right people have the rights to adjust the subscription settings.

Categorize subscription types

Previously, the categories - displayed in a tree structure - ensured the distinction per administration. That is no longer the case from now on. This gives you the space to categorize memberships and subscriptions in a different way. The subscriptions that belong to a category can be found directly via the menu after linking.

Extensive filter options

The filtering method is now the same as you are used to from other products such as Donations, Meetings & Events and Finance. Searching by relation has become easier because the relation picker immediately comes up with suggestions. In addition to filtering by selection, it is now also possible to filter by (a collection of) relation lists. Do you use a certain filter more often? Then you can now save it via 'My filters'.

A screenshot of the new Memberships interface

Platform: OpenID Discovery

For connecting to other systems via API, Procurios now uses OpenID Discover. This ensures that external systems can find out for themselves which URLs they need to use to log in, request user information and find out for themselves which scopes are available. The API settings still need to be set up manually, but this makes troubleshooting easier.

Platform: renewed icon picker

You can select an icon in various places on the platform, such as relation types and modification rules. We have simplified the way in which you select these icons. Previously, you had to click through each category to investigate whether there was a suitable icon for you. Now the icons are in one overview and you immediately see all available icons. To increase findability, we have also added a search bar.

Een schermafbeelding van de vernieuwde icon picker

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