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We make sure you keep up with the times

New trends, new possibilities and changing techniques. We ensure that your website is technically and visually up-to-date and we help you to put your mission into practice.


A new website every 2 to 5 years is now the norm. To stretch that time, we can ensure that your current website remains nice and fresh, modern and fast by one or more of the following optimizations

Front-end Performance

Speed and accessibility are two important components for the success of your website. With users and with search engines (SEO). We optimize the code and advise on correct design using tools and best practices.

Responsive images

Phones, tablets, laptops and monitors are getting better and better screens with higher resolutions. That means that images and other visuals must be suitable for that. We provide sharp logos and images so your website looks professional and attractive.

Design update

A new website is nice, but sometimes a refresh is enough. Car manufacturers also do this by introducing a facelift model after a few years. We'll see if your website can get a impactfull update so that it can last a while longer.


Is your website not doing enough to achieve your goals? Or do visitors not know how to find certain pages? We take a close look at your website and optimize it so that it returns to doing what it was designed for.

Responsive check

Over time, pages can become less responsive because you have added, modified and expanded things. We examine the most important pages on your website and investigate whether everything is still responsive on different screen sizes and solve problems.

Platform improvements

The Procurios Platform is continuously being developed. If it's been a while since you've worked on your website, there's likely been articles developed that can add useful functionality to your website.

Article Templates

That's what our technique is called for placing specially formatted content (like what you're looking at right now). Would you like to make your story more visually appealing too? We are happy to help you with that.

And more...

Optimization for social media, icons for mobile devices, an extra menu, profile photo in the 'my account' item, animations or the design and styles of faceted search: we are happy to improve your website based on the latest insights and techniques.

Is your website not responsive yet?

Does your organization not have a responsive website yet? Then it has probably been quite some time since your website was created. We are of course happy to see what we can do for you, but maybe it is time to think about a completely new website.

What can you expect

With this optimization you have immediate results. We will work with you to see where we can really make a difference.

Feature vergelijking
Features Website optimization
Fully customized We optimize the template and website of your organization, specifically based on your wishes and our recommendations Aanwezig
Direct contact You have direct contact with one of our designers/website developers. This ensures fast and easy communication. Aanwezig
Time for questions and explanations We are happy to explain more about our website management. This way you can continue to maintain the website even better. Aanwezig
Per day Try it for just one day. We can do so much for you in that time. No large preparations and yet immediate results. Aanwezig
Same day result Small changes mean quick results. They can be live the same day, so you can benefit immediately Aanwezig
Recommendations for the future Your organization does not sit still and neither does our platform. We are happy to work together on where you can make even better use of the power of the Procurios Platform Aanwezig
Prijs from €1000

Make your website the GOAT! Periodt

Periodic website optimization keeps your website fresh and converting. This way your website continues to contribute to your goals and your visitors have a good experience.

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