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"Many organisations think that they're unique and that off-the-shelf software such as Procurios will limit them. But in fact, it's the opposite!" - Stephan Loerke, CEO

WFA helps its members deliver responsible and effective marketing communications

  • +7.000 marketeers and policy professionals in the WFA network
  • +80 meetings annually
  • 90% of global communications is spent by WFA members
  • 16industry sectors are represented by WFA members

Fits our organisation

"Procurios fits our organisation like a glove. The effort required to manage the tool and maintain the data also fits the effort of the WFA staff. More advanced tools require too much effort from a team to use them.„ - Stephan Loerke, Chief Executive Officer of WFA.

  • Little effort to manage data
  • Personalised content
  • Proactive approach

Work more efficiently

"By working more efficiently, WFA not only saves time, but also energy. We can finally invest more time and resources into our members.„ 

Complexity is detrimental

"Our previous solution (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) was more complex, but never met the needs of our association. Today, everybody and everythings works in perfect harmony.„ 

All-in-one Platform

"We were hesitant to harbor everything in one integrated system at just one supplier, but the benefits we're enjoying now could never be possible with stand-alone systems (we didn't realise that at first).„ 

Proactive approach

"Before working with Procurios, we acted reactively towards our members. With a practical and insightful database such as Procurios, we finally work proactively. That creates a better bond with our members and we're closer to reality.„ - Stéphane Arnhem, Database Manager

  • 360 degrees
  • Insight into member engagement
  • Proactive communication

Transparency is invaluable

“Procurios was the first supplier that dared to say 'no' whenever they disagreed with a possible solution. That transparency was invaluable for us when choosing for Procurios as a partner.„ - Claire Mullen, Director of Member Services

  • Clear communication
  • Thinking partner
  • Consultancy Add-on
  • Professionally stubborn

Made for associations

All essential tasks of the entire team are manageable, insightful and fit seamlessly into our work processes. 



A partner that thinks along sides you and dares to say 'no' helps our organisation to be more progressive.


Higher engagement

With Engagement Score WFA understands the engagement and loyalty of its members. We can now work proactively on keeping our audience engaged.

Are you building engagement too?

By using Procuiros /Members you get more insights into your members and you trigger more engagement. Discover it now!

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Pascale Braeckman at

Wij zijn heel tevreden over de samenwerking met Procurios en raden het zeker aan bij andere verenigingen: doordat het één systeem is worden er veel minder fouten gemaakt

Profile picture of Pascale Braeckman
Pascale Braeckman Communicatiemedewerker at

Folko de Haan at Groenlinks

Het systeem werkt gebruiksvriendelijk en neemt ons erg veel werk uit handen. Het is logisch van opzet: je komt er snel achter hoe alles werkt.

Profile picture of Folko de Haan
Folko de Haan datamarketeer at Groenlinks

Stephan Loerke at

"Veel organisaties denken dat ze uniek zijn en dat pasklare software zoals het Procurios platform hen zal beperken, maar het is net het tegenovergestelde!"

Profile picture of Stephan Loerke
Stephan Loerke Chief Executive Officer at

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