Optimisation strategy

Having your system landscape in check is vital in order to work efficient.

  • System landscape analysis
  • Weakpoints exposed
  • Practical report

Digital advice for non-profits

Advice and guidance for associations helps you to work more efficiently. We analyse your work flows and offer clear steps to improve your organisation.

Your system landscape

During a thorough analysis we visualize your system landscape. Which systems are you using? Are they working well or are improvements required?

Workflow analysis

Once we understand what your system landscape looks like, we review your workflows. We find areas to improve upon and what tasks can be easily automated.

Practical report

We give you clear guidelines and advice to reach your audience. With several quick-wins you can already make a considerable difference.

System landscape

Before you realise it, your organisation uses 15 different tools and services. We make an inventory of what these services do for you, what they're used for and who works with them.

  • Analysis
  • Inventory of your systems
  • Overview of tools and services


The efficiency of your organisation is determined by how efficient your coworkers are. Together, we analyse your weak points and get started on improving them. It's often easier than you think!

  • Your current workflows
  • In search of improvements
  • Discover automation

Advice and report

With our expertise and experience, we give you targeted tips and advice to get started with. Additionally, we give you a report with clear guidelines and ways to improve your workflows.

  • Practical report
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Action plan to get started

What can you expect?

Our optimisation strategy allows you to get started right away. We give you clear guidelines, advice and quick-wins to work with!

Feature vergelijking
Features Optimisation strategy
Personal advice and action plan You get a practical report with clear guidelines to get started. Aanwezig
Experiences consultant Our experienced strategic consultants like to understand the 'Why' behind every decision. Together with your organisation we reevaluate your efficiency and look for ways to improve. Aanwezig
Analysis We analyse your wishes and needs, that helps to gain sharp insights and look for improvements. Aanwezig
Strong and weak points We determine your strong and weak points to understand where you need to work on, or how to get more out of your strong points. Aanwezig
Map your system landscape We make a map of your system landscape and learn how (in)efficient you're using it. Aanwezig
Recommendations on system landscape Our approach is neutral and without any strings attached. You can use it as you like to improve your organisation or choose any software supplier. Aanwezig
Presentation for stakeholders We create a summary of the support for you to share with stakeholders (team, board or management). Aanwezig
Prijs Starts from € 4.000

Do you have a clear vision for the future?

Get started with your strategy! Our consultans help you understand what you can improve and what you're already doing great!

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Customer storries: Read what our customers have to say

Roel Mathies at Milieudefensie

Our dream is to one day have thousands of members communicate one-to-one. With the Procurios CRM, we're heading in that direction.

Profielfoto van Roel Mathies
Roel Mathies Coordinator Service line at Milieudefensie

Liesbeth Baldee at Harteraad

Procurios turned out to be the perfect match between not only affordable software and its possibilities, but also of a system that is very accessible and user friendly.

Profielfoto van Liesbeth Baldee
Liesbeth Baldee Office manager at Harteraad

Folko de Haan at Groenlinks

The system operates user friendly and saves us plenty of work. It is logically built and you find out how things work in a heartbeat.

Profielfoto van Folko de Haan
Folko de Haan Data marketeer at Groenlinks

"When you're up to your neck in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp": Our offers

  • Optimalisation strategy

    for your systems and workflows

    Losing sight of tasks? Time to optimise your current workflows and tools. Let's work on an optimisation strategy so you can finally work efficiently again!

  • Website strategy

    for your online presence

    A website is so much more than a billboard. It's a precision tool that can be used to tell your story. We teach you how to deploy it, optimise your taxonomy and structure so that it speaks to your audience.

  • Custom

    for specific items

    Are you in need of another form of strategy? Our consultants are ready to get started!

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