/Fundraising vs CiviCRM

Even more integrated functionalities, even an online community!

  • Designed for your goals
  • All your work in one place
  • With the CRM at the heart of your organisation

Procurios /Fundraising vs CiviCRM: Are you ready for the next step?

Manage your administration and campaigns from one place and communicate efficient and personal with your donors. Discover how our platform works to your advantage

Feature vergelijking
Features Procurios CiviCRM
Relation management (CRM) Manage your relations and their data Aanwezig Aanwezig
Website Create and manage one or more websites from the CMS: content management system Aanwezig Aanwezig
Finance & Donations Easily manage donations and campaigns, create direct debit batches and process your bank transactions Aanwezig Aanwezig
Mailings Design personalised mailings and send them to a predefined target audience from your CRM Aanwezig Aanwezig
Meetings & Events Organise events and manage communication to a specific target audience. Maintain a clear overview of all your meetings Aanwezig Aanwezig
Library Manage and save all your files Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Engagement Create campaigns or actions and keep track Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Communities Create direct engagement with your target audience: ask questions, share knowledge and disucss Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Dashboards Strategic insight and dashboard of your progress Aanwezig Niet aanwezig

Are you read for all-in-one?

With Procurios /Fundraising the world can no longer ignore your organisation! As a modern fundraiser you need a product that grows with all the technological trends. With /Fundraising you’ll have a product that is constantly evolving, allowing you to get the maximum out of your organisation. Take the next step:

More info Plan a demo

Create an insight into your donors

Discover who your donors are. Work on your goals together, from the heart of your organisation: the CRM

Your donors, campaigns and communication in one place

Personally communicate and get an immediate insight into the gift behavior of your donors. 

Let the world know what you stand for

Allow everybody to discover your story through your website, your blogs and emails. All from just one platform.

Maurice Brederode at Edwin van der Sar Foundation

With Procurios as a partner, we're ready for the future. With the CMS and integrated CRM we have full control now.

Profielfoto van Maurice Brederode
Maurice Brederode Director at Edwin van der Sar Foundation

Bernie Hermes at VUmc

/Fundraising is so much more than a CRM-system. Every week we discover new possibilities. /Fundraising has a lot to offer and you don't even have to do that much yourself anymore.

Profielfoto van Bernie Hermes
Bernie Hermes Manager Vriendenprogramma at VUmc

Tom Ysewijn at Oxfam Wereldwinkels

The knowledge Procurios has is worth gold! That's how they stand out compared to other companies that we've crossed paths with.

Profielfoto van Tom Ysewijn
Tom Ysewijn Digital communication at Oxfam Wereldwinkels

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