Members vs Livits

Get the maximum from your members data with our platform!

  • All your members data in one place
  • Fully integrated software
  • The CRM as the beating heart of your organisation

Procurios /Members vs Livits: Even more possibilities with Procurios /Members

Create engagement amongst your members with a community. Manage your members data, meetings and your invoices from one place. Discover how our all-in-one platform can add even more value to your organisation!

Feature vergelijking
Features Procurios Livits
Relation management (CRM) Manage your members and their data Aanwezig Aanwezig
Website Create and manage one or more websites from the CMS: content management system Aanwezig Aanwezig
Mailings Design personalised mailings and send them to a predefined target audience from your CRM Aanwezig Aanwezig
Meetings Organise events and manage communication to a specific target audience. Maintain a clear overview of all your meetings Aanwezig Aanwezig
Invoice Managing invoices has never been easier Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Subscriptions Easily manage memberships and subscriptions Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Community Ask questions, share knowledge and discuss, accessible and direct contact with your audience. Aanwezig Niet aanwezig
Cloud software Access the platform from anywhere at any time Aanwezig Aanwezig

Time for a product that really makes a difference?

Your organisation offers something invaluable for your members: bringing people closer together! By gathering all your data into the Procurios platform, you have everything in place to make a difference. All your members data and communication in one platform. Take the next step:
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Start building wit our CRM

Discover who your members are what you can mean for them. Create possibilities from your members data and the foundation of your association.

Build a community

Create a fanbase from your CRM with personalised mail, an online community and the tools to work together on the future.

Start new relationships

/Members offers you everything you need in order to reach new members. Whether it’s through smart emails, mobile websites or face-to-face.

Customer stories: Read more about the difference Procurios /Fundraising is making for our customers

Roel Mathies at Milieudefensie

Our dream is to communicate with our thousands of members one-on-one. With the CRM of Procurios we’re growing to that point.

Profielfoto van Roel Mathies
Roel Mathies Coördinator Service line at Milieudefensie

Liesbeth Baldee at Harteraad

Procurios turned out to be the perfect match by not only offering an affordable solution and it’s possibilities, but also because the system is very user friendly.

Profielfoto van Liesbeth Baldee
Liesbeth Baldee Officemanager at Harteraad

Folko de Haan at Groenlinks

The system is very user friendly and saves us a lot of work. The set up is logical; you find out very quickly how everything works.

Profielfoto van Folko de Haan
Folko de Haan Datamarketeer at Groenlinks

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