Website management for associatoins

A website is so much more than a billboard. It is your connection with the world, a platform for your audience and marketing machine combined in one place.

  • Build your own website
  • Optimised for search engine results
  • Included in every offer

Functionalities and possibilites

GDPR/AVG compliant

Let your website visitors manage their cookies and preferences.

Encrypted communicaton

All data traffic between the webserver and visitor is encrypted (SSL)

Linked to CRM

Newsletter registrations, donations or other interactions? It is automatically logged in the CRM per relation.

Discover it yourself
Discover it yourself
Ontdek het zelf

Manage your content

With our user friendly CMS building websites becomes childsplay! Publish articles, events and news in a heartbeat.

Linked to your CRM

Linking your website to your CRM has plenty of benefits. Transfer data from forms directly to your CRM. And imagine what you can do with personalisation!

Weblog: Versterk je website

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