From simple presentation to customized experience

A website is a platform for your target group and marketing machine in one. With the CMS from Procurios you can build a website that exactly matches your (potential) members or donors. The connection with the CRM gives you unprecedented possibilities for personalization and segmentation.

CMS (Websites): What story do you want to tell?

With your website you tell the story of your target groups. How does your charity or association come along to achieve their mission? Is there a match? Then approach relationships even more personally based on their profile in the Procurios CRM. Show extra content, build an online community or have pages differ based on the preferences of your relations.

Directly into the CRM

Newsletter subscriptions, donations or registrations for an event on your website go directly into the CRM.

Easily from the CRM

You can put overviews of directors, partners or contact persons directly from your CRM on the website.

Private and personal

Give visitors a unique experience with a private member environment or personalized content.

Design and realization

A Procurios website is an indispensable part of the Procurios Platform and is therefore included as standard. Need help building your website? We help you determine what you need, the design and with building your website.

Functionalities and possibilities: The most powerful features of the Procurios website management

Manage your content

With our user friendly CMS building websites becomes childsplay! Publish articles, events and news in a heartbeat.

Linked to your CRM

Linking your website to your CRM has plenty of benefits. Transfer data from forms directly to your CRM. And imagine what you can do with personalisation!

Why Procurios?: Choose for a Procurios CMS

Your website is the central place for all communication and marketing activities. The website must offer everything that members or donors want to know and arrange. From memberships to newsletters and web shops.

Feature vergelijking
Features Included as standard?
Cloudbased CMS Work on your website and member portal from anywhere in the world Aanwezig
GDPR compliant Easily comply with the GDPR, for example with consent forms or cookie preferences Aanwezig
Help & support based in the Netherlands and Belgium Our service team is happy to help Aanwezig
Website audit, analysis and advice Designing and building a website can be tough. We are happy to assist you with this task Aanwezig
Connect with other apps and tools Easily connect with payment software and other apps Aanwezig
Fully integrated From your member portal to email marketing: everything uses the same data Aanwezig
Easy and intuïtive to use Simplify your website management Aanwezig
Transparent pricing You always know exactly where you stand thanks to our tiered pricing Aanwezig
Monthly updates We continuously improve our platform so you can do your job even better Aanwezig
Build engagement With our platform, your organization is ready for the future and our EngagementScore Aanwezig

Have your website designed and build by Procurios

This way you are assured of a website that exactly matches your wishes and your target groups. A website that connects seamlessly with your CRM and other Procurios tools.

Let Procurios build your website Plan a demo

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