Prices: Find out what the price is for your Procurios Platform

Whether you choose /Fundraising, /Members or /Enterprise, our prices are always based on the number of relations.

  • Accessible prices
  • No complicated packages
  • Discounts for non-profit organisations
  • Including Support & Hosting
  • Unlimited users

Procurios pricing

excluding VAT

Type Tariff
Start-up cost € 1.000
Per month
Relations up to Tariff Tariff (incl. discount)
1.000 € 375 € 75
5.000 € 475 € 175
10.000 € 575 € 275
15.000 € 650 € 350
20.000 € 725 € 425
25.000 € 800 € 500
30.000 € 875 € 575
35.000 € 950 € 650
40.000 € 1.025 € 725
45.000 € 1.075 € 775
50.000 € 1.125 € 825
55.000 € 1.175 € 875
60.000 € 1.225 € 925
65.000 € 1.250 € 950
Per 5.000 extra relations € 25 € 25


We love helping non-profits get started. Therefore, if you're a fundraising organisation or association you are eligidable for a discount.  


  • The Netherlands: organisations with an ANBI status
  • Belgium: organisations of which the income is at least 50% in grants or gifts.


  • Monthly tariff: 300 euro discount
  • Hourly rates: 10 euro discount

FAQ: We answer some of the most frequently asked questions below

What is included in the one-off costs?

The creation of your personal environment is included in the one-off costs. Afterwards, you’ll be able to start the further configuration yourself, or you can count on one of our experienced consultants.

How many hours does it take to configure a customer environment?

Once we’ve had a close review of your organisation and the different processes, we will be able to estimate how long it will take. We take time to fully understand how our customers work and discuss how we can set up the Procurios platform to fit their needs.

I already have a website. Is that a problem?

The true power of our platform is it’s integration. All the different products work together and that includes our CMS, in which you can manage a website. Our advice is to include the website in Procurios at some point in time.

What is a relation?

Every person, company, organisation in your CRM is relation. Whether it’s a user of the platform, debtors, donors, subscribers, contact persons or individuals that have registered for your newsletter or have a profile on the website. /Fundraising and /Members make sure that there is a minimum of duplicate relations in your system and that all the information about your relations is centralized.

I already have relations and gifts. How do we get them into the system?

Within our products, we include  number of standard import capabilities. This allows you import relations, gifts, … Many of our customers use these functionalities themselves, because nobody knows what data should be imported better than you do. Our consultants will gladly help you with this process.

What if I have too many relations? Do I automatically move to the next package?

No, that won’t happen. There’s always a possibility that your CRM has a lot of duplicate relations, or that you have newsletter subscribers that actually don’t want to receive it anymore. We advise you to clean up your data first. If there are still too many relations, then we will discuss upgrading your package.

I’m still not convinced the system fits my organisation, where can find more information?

We schedule demos every month in Wijk bij Duurstede and Mechelen. During such a demo we show how our products work and how to use them. A demo is without any obligation and it is the perfect opportunity to ask questions Would you like to know how other customers use our platform? Read the customer stories.

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