Connect people with the same interests. Enable them to find each other to communicate!

  • Connect individuals with mutual interests
  • Send mailings, organize events and bring your network together in a community
  • Communicate personalized from one safe environment

Knowledge from one place

All information in one place. This makes knowledge sharing with your members and relations easy.

Connect your members

Connect your members and let them come into contact with each other. Online or in the mobile app!

Create a social intranet

Publish events on your intranet, share knowledge and keep each other informed via Communities.

Build Engagement: With everything you need in one platform

Connect people through our Communities

Get the members in your network involved. With Communities, you offer them a platform on which they can ask questions, share knowledge and discuss items. Contact is quick and easy with our integrated App.

  • Multiple channels
  • Multiple communities
  • Linked to a knowledge hub
  • Access to App

Organize meetings and have people register

Strengthen your online network with offline meetings. Create meetings in the blink of an eye and manage your communication to a specific audience. All while maintaining a clear overview of your meeting.

  • Works with CRM, Invoices and Mailings
  • Automated process from publication to communication
  • Set up your own schedule

Communication tailored to your relations

Create your mailings with ease, tailored to the interests of your relations and their channels.

  • Integration with other products
  • Statistics to optmize
  • Different templates
  • Accurate planning

Manage and easily publish your story online

Your message is important. Publish your site, blogs and videos to spread your message.

  • All your content in one place
  • Link to social media
  • Easy to use content-editor
  • Easily receive new relations

Product overview: These products make up your /Community platform

CMS app icon


Create and manage multiple websites from our content management system.

Communities app icon


Ask questions, share knowledge and discuss. Accessible and direct communication with your target audience.

CRM app icon


Manage your relations from the beating heart of your platform.

Finance app icon


Everything you need for a complete payment process. Invoicing, create direct debit batches and process your bank transactions.

Library app icon


Save and manage your files.

Mailings app icon


Create personalized mailings and send them to custom selections of your audience.

Meetings & Events app icon

Meetings & Events

Create and manage meetings, send out specific communication to your audience and get a clear insight into visitors.

Platform app icon


Create a safe and secure working environment.

Add-ons (not included as standard)

Donations app icon



Manage all your campaigns, donors and donations.

E-Commerce app icon



Setting up and maintaining a webshop.

Insights app icon



A complete insight into the campaign data stored in your platform.

Memberships app icon



Start, extend, convert and terminate subscriptions.

Mobile app app icon

Mobile app


White label or branded app to use the community everywhere easily and reach people faster through notifications.

On to the future: Let's take the next step

1. Demo

Allow us to help you make the right choises. Plan a demo with Martijn in the Netherlands, or with Aster in Belgium

2. Collaborate

We look forward to working together with you to get the most out of your solutions and services

3. Thinking along

We continiously think along, in order to create the best possible platform for your organisation

Customer stories: Read more about the difference /Community is making for our customers

Roel Mathies at Milieudefensie

Our dream is to communicate with thousands of members one-to-one. With the Procurios CRM, we're getting there.

Profielfoto van Roel Mathies
Roel Mathies Coordinator Service line at Milieudefensie

Liesbeth Baldee at Harteraad

Procurios turned out to be a good match by not only offering affordable software and the possibilities it has, but also because the system was very user friendly.

Profielfoto van Liesbeth Baldee
Liesbeth Baldee Office manager at Harteraad

Ulrich Leutbecher at Oikocredit

The strength of Procurios is the platform's flexibility through separate products and add-ons. This allows you to easily grow and adjust it to your needs. Apart from that, it's also very nice that Procurios uses Scrum and Agile.

Profielfoto van Ulrich Leutbecher
Ulrich Leutbecher Global Web Support coordinator at Oikocredit